The art of pottery

Seville is known for its artisan ceramics and pottery industry.  The earliest works date from the Neolithic period, although it was in the Muslim era when Sevillian pottery took on its own personality, later enriched by the techniques and formulas of classic styles.

From Triana

The production centre of artistic ceramics is in the district of Triana and began in the Islamic period. The Spanish-Muslim ceramists contributed the glazing techniques to architecture, in facades, sunrooms, baseboards and ceilings.  Subsequently, the Mudejar adopted oriental techniques that formed the basis of the local style. They began to make mosaics and tiles, usually painted by hand with popular motifs.  

Surprisingly, today many of these ornaments are still the main features on an endless number of our city’s streets, buildings, patios and even small grocery stores or restaurants.

Ceramics in Plaza España
Ceramics in Seville
Functional ceramics

The richness of the Guadalquivir Valley’s muds and clays also has agrarian and domestic applications.  Especially thanks to the ceramic production of typical elements, such as pitchers or jugs, initially more functional than decorative.

The clay soil of the Guadalquivir Valley favoured the proliferation of this industry.

Ceramics in Triana, Seville
Unique products

Also noteworthy are the artisan pieces of La Cartuja, a firm founded in 1839 by Charles Pickman.  To learn more about our pottery, and its neighbourhood par excellence, Triana, visit the Triana Ceramic Centre.  

The following selection of establishments has been created jointly with the merchant association Al Centro. In our city, you’ll find many other establishments of great interest and quality.  For reasons of usability, a selection of establishments has been put together, which may be of special interest due to their typology and products, mostly located in the historical and monumental centre of Seville.

Specialized stores

Cerámica Aracena

C/ Sierpes, 36


Cerámica Montalban

C/ Alfarería, 23

955 719 246

La Cartuja de Sevilla

(El Corte Inglés)

+34 955 998 292