Make your summer plans happen, only in Seville

Seville is not only an impressive monumental and historical destination. 
Its leisure offer will make you enjoy the city in a different, comfortable and refreshing way. This summer in Seville, the thermometer of the fun plans also goes up.

Isla Mágica, a theme park, one step away from the historic center

Located on the Isla de la Cartuja, and literally from a pedestrian and a bridge in the old town of Seville, you will find a theme park: Isla Mágica ("Magic Island"). This park is inspired by the American continent and the city of Seville in the 16th century. Its six thematic areas offer you a journey back in time to the period of Discovery.

In Isla Mágica you have a lot of attractions such as shows, restaurants, shops... and even a water park: Agua Mágica or the Magic Water, it is a great alternative to relax and have fun with slides, wave pool and even a sandy beach! 

Summer agenda in Seville


Acuario de Sevilla
Get yourself into the first circumnavigation of Earth

If you visit the Aquarium of Seville, you will be able to relive a trip through the flora and fauna of the oceans that Magellan found in the First Round of his World Journey. The aquatic diversity of the Guadalquivir, from the mile zero of that trip, to an immense aquarium in which sharks and many other species coexist. 

The Seville Aquarium: a perfect, pleasant and very 'cool' plan to go as a family.

Cruceros en el Guadalquivir
Seville is full of plans

The possibilities of Seville in summer do not end here, there are many plans for all ages and tastes. Planetariums, bike rides.... You'll never get bored!

In the Casa de la Ciencia (House of Science) you will find permanent exhibitions that bring together universal topics from different scientific disciplines in an enjoyable and accessible way. In this place you have a planetarium that shows to children in a very special way, the fantastic world of the celestial objects. 

But Seville is also well known for its parks and gardens. Maria Luisa Park is full of charm, lush areas, where summer temperatures drop surprisingly and spots for the children to enjoy and have fun. Very close by, on the banks of the river, there are more things to do, such as taking a bike ride and enjoying the sunset over the Triana Bridge, or celebrating in the terraces accompanied by good music at night.

To keep in mind...
  1. In the Navigation Pavilion you will find a museum space in which is told the evolution of Atlantic navigation.
  2. If you are interested in culture, CaixaForum offers a wide range of cultural, artistic and educational activities for all ages.
  3. Did you know that Seville has one of the largest water parks in Spain? It is called Aquópolis.