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Seville has a plan

Tourism in Seville is one of the strategic motors in the economic development of the City. For this reason, it is considered an essential instrument in the creation of richness, employment and new companies. The strength of Seville as an urban touristic destination is at an international level based on its competitiveness in different touristic sectors.
The “Consejeria de Turismo, Comercio Y Deporte de la Junta de Andalucia” (Regional touristic, commerce and sport ministry), the City hall of Seville and the “Confederacion de Empresarios” (Employers Confederation) signed a collaboration treaty at the end of 2006, whose product is the “Plan Turistico De la Ciudad de Sevilla”, which has been carried out since that moment.
The main aim of this plan is to discover, organize and activate the touristic attractiveness that the city can offer; many of them are owners of unprecedented temperament locations around the Guadalquivir River.
Thus the “plan Turistico” draws new lines for the development of the city in touristic terms, involving the structuring and management of touristic products in Seville, with an object of increasing the number of stays, tourism quality in the city and making tourism non- seasonal.
All this forces the concentration of important efforts in the planning, coordination and organization, which, as result, will give a new touristic reality where product articulation is the key element in the new stage that the tourism requires in Seville.
Focusing the efforts on the product itself implies putting the public eye on the tourism of the city, which not only has people working to improve it, but also to increase and articulate it making easy so its access and its use to visitors and its population, making better so the experience lived in the city.
Focusing the efforts on the product itself focuses the public eye on tourism of the city. People have been working not only to improve, but to increase tourism by making it easy to access by visitors and the population making a better experience for the citizens.
Seville offers a wide number of tourist attractions that are located in the south, where the flowing river joins the city in its past, present and future. The Costurero de la Reina, Castillo de San Jorge, and the future Centro de Artesanía Triana, Muelle de Nueva York…are some of the examples of attractions that the city has to offer its visitor and inhabitants.

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