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With this questionnaire we want to collect and channel all the complaints and suggestions that the citizens of Seville wish to express in relation to tourist apartments. The requests that arrive to us will be sent to the corresponding area for their management.

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The City Council of Seville, within the framework of its responsibilities, has initiated a process of regulation and management of accommodation with tourist purposes as a complement to the regulations of the Junta de Andalucía (Government of Andalucía) contained in Law 13/2011 of December 23 on Tourism in Andalusia.

The first goal of this process is to reinforce and contribute to a greater extent from the City Council to the detection and reporting of those owners who rent accommodation for tourism purposes in an irregular manner without proper registration in the regional register and without fulfilling all the requirements. For this reason an awareness campaign is launched; control instruments will be strengthened within the framework of municipal competencies and complaints to the Junta de Andalucía and a specific citizen mailbox will be enabled where complaints and suggestions can be registered.

Second, it is intended to establish a specific regulatory framework in the City of Seville with regard to this phenomenon. To this end, two participation processes have been opened with the aim of establishing the necessary changes in the General Urban Planning Plan regarding a review of the qualification as residential of the homes lease for tourism purposes and to elaborate a specific municipal ordinance

Norms and regulations for homes for tourism purposes: