The sea of the first Magellan's voyage around the world

The Aquarium of Seville has recreated the ecosystems that Magellan found in the first voyage around the world. A journey with a fleet that departed from Seville and navigated across the length and breadth of the oceans to achieve for the first time the circumnavigation of the planet.


More than 500 aquatic species

During the ‘transoceanic’ journey offered by the Aquarium of Seville you will discover the flora and fauna that impressed Magellan during his voyage.

You will enjoy more than 500 species from different ecosystems. There are different themed areas: Guadalquivir, Atlantic, Rainforest, Oceanarium, Indo-Pacific, among other areas, such as the ones dedicated to the African savannah or to the jellyfish.

The Sand Tiger Shark that dominates the majestic Oceanarium, the sturgeon that inhabited the waters of river Guadalquivir, the Undulate Ray from the Pacific, the Green Iguana from the forest or the Spotfin Lionfish are some of these fabulous creatures.

Aquarium of Seville
Aquarium of Seville
One of the major oceanariums in Europe

The Aquarium of Seville counts on the deepest shark tank in the Iberian Peninsula with a capacity of 2 million liters of water and a depth of 9 meters, in which you can enjoy seeing sea turtles and different shark species, among others.


The dimensions of the Sand Tiger Shark of the Aquarium of Seville are impressive and seeing it swimming is hypnotic.

Aquarium of Seville
A perfect plan for families

Seville offers a wide variety of exciting options for families, such as the theme park Isla Mágica, the water parks Agua Mágica and Aquópolis, the House of Science, the Navigation Pavillion, the exhibitions hall CaixaForum, and of course, the Aquarium of Seville.

The Aquarium is an excellent option for children to learn while playing, and to become aware of the importance of respecting the natural environment. Different workshops and ludic content will help them love and take care of the oceans and their inhabitants.

Chelo is the mascot of the Aquarium of Seville, a nice turtle that exists in real life. It is a marine turtle that lives in the Aquarium due to a species conservation programme.

Do not forget to cross through the interior tunnel during your visit to the Aquarium as it is an astonishing immersive experience by which you will see the species ‘from within’.

If you are brave enough, the Aquarium also offers the possibility to live a ‘Night with sharks, an unforgettable experience that allow you to sleep near the immense Oceanarium.

To keep in mind...
  1. The temporary exhibitions of the Aquarium of Seville are also great. Do not miss the exhibition Jellyfish. The beat of the sea’.
  2. The Aquarium of Seville dedicates a huge part of its activity to  research and divulgation through sessions and courses for students.
  3. Did you know that the Aquarium offers the possibility to celebrate a dinner with sharks?