The second art gallery in Spain

The Museum of Fine Arts in Seville has one of the most valuable collections of paintings in Spain. It is considered the second most important after the Prado Museum, and among the paintings you can't miss the great works of the Baroque masters.

A seventeenth-century building

The Museum of Fine Arts is located in a beautiful and quiet neighborhood which also  has taken its name from it: the Museum quarter.

The building that houses the museum is the old Convento de la Merced, a 17th century building that is considered one of the best examples of Andalusian Mannerism

Its courtyards, rooms and even a church constitute a magnificent context of the collection that the museum has.

Outside, there is an elegant square dominated by a statue of the painter Murillo.

Rutas turísticas de Murillo

Museum of Fine Arts. Seville
Murillo, Plaza del Museo, Sevilla
Murillo’s Work

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo is one of the most universal painters that Seville has ever given, and this year the city celebrates the 400th anniversary of his birth. In the Museum of Fine Arts you will learn more about the dimension of this artist and the quality of his best works than in any other space. In addition, on the occasion of the Año Murillo (the Year of Murillo), the Museum has incorporated topics, especially focused on the painter.

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A large church hall holds Murillo's main works in the Museum.

Santiago el Mayor. Juan de Ribera
Artworks you can’t miss!

In addition to Murillo's paintings in Room V, such as the Virgen de la Servilleta or the Inmaculada known as "La Colosal", the Museum also holds an enormous collection of masterpieces. Here are a few of them.

Portrait of D. Cristóbal Suárez de Ribera, by Velázquez.

San Hugo en el Refectorio, Jesús crucificado expirante and La Virgen de las Cuevas, all these paintings are made by Francisco de Zurbarán.

Santiago el Mayor, by José de Ribera.

Portrait of Jorge Manuel, painted by El Greco.

Sculpture of Saint Jerome, by Pietro Torrigiano.

Portrait of Canon D. José Duaso y Latre, by Francisco de Goya.

El monaguillo, by Alfonso Grosso.

Seville at celebrations, by Gustavo Bacarisas.

La muerte del maestro, by José Villegas.

Las Cigarreras, by Gonzalo Bilbao.

Portrait of Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, by his brother Valeriano.

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To keep in mind...
  1. In 1841 was inaugurated the Museum of Fine Arts in Seville.
  2. A total of 14 rooms compose the tour of the Museum.
  3. The entrance costs only 1.50 € and is free for EU citizens.