Music in a dreamlike atmosphere

The Royal Alcazar is a place that takes you back to other time, a time of legends. Its magic becomes even more evident in summer nights, when outdoors concert are celebrated in its gardens. Music intensifies every night the dreamlike atmosphere in this millennial place.

75 concerts of different musical styles

The cycle ‘Nights in the Gardens of the Royal Alcazar’ takes place during the whole summer and for almost two decades now. You can enjoy outdoors concerts every night in the oldest royal palace of Europe still in use. The programme is comprised by artists of different musical styles: from flamenco to jazz, from swing to blues.

This event combines music and heritage in a very special way. The stage is located in an spectacular enclave between the King Carlos V’s Pavilion and the Grotesque Gallery, where the music blends with the heady breeze of these gardens.

>In the official web of this cycle you can have a look at the detailed programme.

Nights in the Gardens of the Alcazar
The millennial Gardens of the Alcazar

The origins of these gardens, an unique landscape ensemble where up to 20,000 specimens of over 180 plant species are brought together, go back more than a thousand years. The Islamic, renaissance and romantic influence can be seen in its layout and heritage.


The 24,711 acres of the Gardens of the Alcazar involve a great natural wealth in the heart of Seville.

Nights in the Gardens of the Alcazar
A ‘real’ midsummer night's dream

The Gardens of the Royal Alcazar of Seville have unique places that will seem a fantasy to you. Now we are going to highlight some of them.

One of the traditionally most frequented areas is the Mercury Pond, which is dominated by an statue made by Diego de Pesquera in 1576 and has also a small waterfall.

Near this pond you will find the unique hydraulic organ of the Fountain of Fame, one of the only three that still exist in Europe and the only one in Spain.

In the Royal Alcazar there is also a plant maze, which is shaped by hedges and in other time represented the transition from darkness to light and from fear to peace of mind.

King Carlos V ordered in 1546 the construction of a pavillion for rest near an area with orange trees and it is called the Carlos V’s pavilion.  

The series Game of Thrones reflected all its magic as the Gardens of the Alcazar portrayed the Water Garden of the Kingdom of Dorne.

To keep in mind...
  1. The 2019 edition of ‘Nights in the Gardens of the Alcazar’ takes place from June 27 to September 21.
  2. The concerts take place from Monday to Saturday at 22:30.
  3. The Royal Alcazar is part of the historic ensemble of Seville that was declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.