When the Trees are Part of History

The centenary gardens of Seville are alive witnesses of remote epoques. Spectacular trees rooted in history, plant species from America which fascinated half of Europe, or the ultimate expression of the romantic park model are are waiting for you in Seville. 

Maria Luisa’s Park

Seville owns one of the most incredible parks ever designed: Maria Luisa’s Park, an extension of the ancient gardens of San Telmo’s Palace.

Maria Luisa’s Park is an authentic delight for the senses. A romantic style park which, only a hundred meters away from the most ancient area of the city, offers you the possibility of getting lost in paths lined with lush plants, fantasy corners and little squares full of literary references. Therefore, next to the heart of Seville we can find the lung of the city. 

Cinema has been also attracted by the park’s beauty. Next to its jungle-like spaces, which do not look like a traditional city park, you will find two monumental squares built by Aníbal González for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, which represent Seville as no other place of the city: Plaza de América and Plaza de España. These squares were used for filming Star Wars and Lawrence of Arabia. 

Plaza de España
Jardines de Murillo. Sevilla
Colossal Trees

When people see them for the first time, they take photographs of its roots, its tops, its vast trunks. Everything in these trees is monumental. Most of them are overseas species, beautiful witnesses of the past history of the city as the main harbor of Europe. The Liana Tree, the Ficus and the Indian Laurel tree reach its most majestic presence in the gardens and squares of Seville.

It is not the tree from 'Avatar', it is a liana tree in Murillo Gardens of Seville.

Jardines del Real Alcázar. Sevilla
Real Alcázar Gardens

The Real Alcázar of Seville, World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is the most ancient royal palace in use of Europe. It is formed by an ensemble of palatial buildings of an incalculable value. Together with its halls, patios and rooms, a visit to the Real Alcázar would never be complete without having wandered through its gardens. 

Its walls have preserved these gardens, keeping them safe from the passing of time. More than 20 thousand plants, a water musical organ, peacocks walking as they please, a labyrinth made of plants, historical palm trees, a legendary orange tree planted by King Pedro I or the subterranean baths where this king used to meet his lover… all these will make you travel to past epoques, as if it was an immersion experience. 

This legendary place, has been recently charming the whole world thanks to its appearance in Game of Thrones, being used as the location for the Water Gardens of Dorne

To keep in mind...
  1. Maria Luisa’s Park was designed by the famous landscape architect Forestier. 
  2. The Alameda de Hércules, dating from 1574, was the first public garden in Europe.
  3. Every summer, the musical season “Noches en los Jardines del Alcázar”, nights in the Alcázar Gardens, is celebrated. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy these gardens.
  4. The gardens of the Monasterio de la Cartuja, treasure an ombu tree, which was planted in this monastery by the son of Cristóbal Colón.