The seafaring soul of Seville

It has often been said that Seville has a river that wanted to be a sea. While it is true that the Guadalquivir is a navigable river, and exits to the sea from Seville, Triana is marinera, and we have magnificent fishing ports very close by, on the coasts of Cádiz and Huelva. The result: in Seville, you will eat exquisite seafood.

The marvelous fryers

Of course, there are many options for enjoying the best fish, and all of them are good. But there is a particular type of establishment which is very popular, which offers delicious fried fish: the freidurías.

We could say that the freidurías are like local Sevillian fast food, but very high quality. Casually enjoy the very freshest delights of the sea. Always served in paper cones, these assortments are ideal for sharing. Boquerones, hake, cod, roe, acedías or cuttlefish are just some of the specialties that you will find in these fried fish temples.

pescaito frito
pescaito frito
The Mediterranean diet as well as the Atlantic diet

These delicacies can be enjoyed throughout the year in Seville, but it is in spring and summer, and especially at night, when we Sevillians most like to buy fish from the freidurías. Good gastronomic customs, no doubt: rich and healthy. Fish is fortunately an essential part of our diet.

Spain is the European country that eats the most fish.

pescaito frito
The magic potion of adobo

And of all these specialties, the adobo marinade is perhaps the star. Present in many other menus in bars and restaurants, it is an emblem of Sevillian seafood cuisine.

Usually, the adobo-marinated fish is dogfish (a species of small shark), but you can also enjoy grouper or anchovies in this marinade.
And words really aren’t enough. We could almost follow the route of the adobe by simply following the slightly spicy aroma through the streets of Seville.

To keep in mind...
  1. The fried fish is fried in Andalusian olive oil, the best oil in the world.
  2. We usually pair it with cold beer or white Andalusian wines.
  3. The pavía of cod is a very typical Sevillian specialty.
  4. Yes, the aroma of fried adobo is a kind of irresistible aromarketing.