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Seville, the city


Joy. Perhaps joy is the word that best sums up the essence of Seville. This city with nearly 3000 years of history charms every visitor thanks to the lifestyle of the outgoing and welcoming inhabitants, who certainly know how to enjoy and share every moment.

The unique spirit that will make you fall in love with Seville emerges from the streets, from every spot enriched through history and the different people that lived in the city a, who left a mark that Sevillanos are proud to preserve. This legacy has defined through the centuries the cultural, architectural and artistic heritage that can be found in the streets, the museums, the celebrations and the gastronomy.

The climate is another attraction that is most appreciated by the visitor. With around 300 days of sun, the climate welcomes you as warmly as the people do, making it possible to celebrate life out in the passionate streets. During the Semana Santa (Holy week) and the Feria de Abril (April Fair), two of the most important celebrations in the world, the passion of the city arises in a remarkable contrast: Sevillanos live both pain and joy with the same intensity. Flamenco, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, springs at every turn in the city that mothered it. The exceptional gastronomy in the form of the famous tapas is nowadays a culinary world leader, just another of the many examples of how you can live and share the joy of Seville in good company.

Seville is after all a city that stays alive through the whole year, with a constant cultural, musical, sports and leisure offer that invites everybody, anytime of the year, to discover first-hand the true wonders this city holds. Seville welcomes you all! We love people!