Seville City of Opera - Route Ruta Sevilla en Familia

Seville City of Opera through the three main myths born in Seville: Carmen, Don Juan and Fígaro.

Mitos y Leyendas, Sevilla Oculta, Sevilla Verde y Sevilla divertida. Cuatro rutas para descubrir la ciudad en familia. (spanish only)
Mudejar Seville Sephardic Seville
Traces of Mudéjar art are not concentrated only in a particular area of the city today but they subsume all Seville... Discover the artistic heritage of one of the largest jewish communities in Spain.
Fosils Seville Ruta birding Sevilla

A new and amazing route that shows a whole representative sample of fossils and rocks in the region respecting the geological periods.

¿Sabías que los parques del centro de Sevilla o el río Guadalquivir son lugares perfectos para avistar aves?
Past view seville  
Past View is an incredible sensory experience to travel in the past. Thanks to videoglasses, you can travel in time and see buildings, shops, streets and squares as they used to be.