A walk through the Jewish influence in the city

In Ximénez de Enciso Street, in the heart of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, you can visit the Interpretation Centre of the Jewish influence in Seville, a privately owned project whose main objective is to recover and enhance the culture of this group, which lived through a splendid period in Spain until it was expelled. It is worth mentioning that the Jewish quarter of Santa Cruz is where the Seville Jewish quarter was located and that it reached the area of San Bartolomé. The aim is to make known a part of the Jewish culture that has often been forgotten and is part of the history of Spain.
A serie of pieces and objects are exhibited that tell the story of the Jewish district of Seville, its physical limits in the city, its history, its most outstanding figures, its legends, its social and cultural achievements and the persecutions that were seen there, weaving a narrative thread that will allow the visitors to learn about the past of one of the most beautiful areas of Seville.
The centre's collection includes a jewel of Spanish painting: "The expulsion of the Jews from Seville", a painting by Joaquín Turina Areal, a painter from the 19th century Sevillian School.
"It is one of the few pictorial works that have dealt with the subject of the expulsion of the Jews in Spain, and their lament over the loss of what was their homeland, Spain, since the first century after Christ.

Numerous legends about characters from the Sevillian Jewish community, run through the place.


Opening hours

10:30 - 19:00 h


General admission: 6.50 €
Reduced admission: 5 € for children, students and groups.


954 04 70 89 / 635 719 796


C/ Ximenez de Enciso, 22