A jamón-iberian cured ham is a true gourmet luxury, an exceptional and unique product, internationally recognized as a flagship of the best gastronomy in Europe. The province of Seville has its own production area. Iberian cured ham is renowned for its highest quality and unmistakable texture, aroma and taste. Not to mention that the Jam.n has heart-healthy properties, scientifically tested.
The best is the pure Iberian acorn ham, although there is a wide range of different jam.n with outstanding quality. Denomination of origin guarantee the purity and the quality of every type of jamón.
Jamón-iberian cured ham only.
Slicing a jamÓn-hind leg cut is considered almost an art, anyway you can find excellent professionals in the establishments of Seville. Place the “jam.n” in a ham holder and cut with a “cuchillo jamonero” - special ham knife, (long, narrow, flexible and very sharp blade) fine slices or flakes, almost transparent, medium size, including some delicious “tocino” - fat. Generally a single tapa comprises five to seven slices or flakes. Jamón is served alone, not to disguise such an extraordinary taste, just some “picos” - small bread sticks.