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Plaza del Salvador

Located in the centre of Seville, it's the biggest church in the city after the Cathedral. But this was not always like this. It was different in its origins... Next to the statue of Martínez Montañés there is a door, enter it into the churches patio and when you're there pay attention. You can find remains of the city's past eras, as the Roman or the Visigoth.
But without doubt, the best are preserved under the floor you're standing on. They're the remains of the Mosque of Ibn Adabass, that during the IX century,  in middle of the caliphate, served as the main Moorish mosque.

After the Christian troops of the king San Fernando conquered the city, around 1248, they decided to recognize the importance of this building considering it the second religious temple after the Cathedral. Recognition that is noticed when calling the impressive collection of buildings "collegiate church." Have you noticed the height the columns have been buried in? How long have they been there? The same thing that happened to us the first time we saw the church  surely happened to you too. You must be captivated by its beauty. But run and don't stop, the secrets of Seville await in only a few steps.

You can leave the patio crossing the other door, through the narrow tunnel. Now continue the Passage in direction of the Siete Revueltas (Seven Turns), next to the Plaza de Jesus de la Pasion or the "Plaza del Pan" (Bread Square), a place named after the bread stands located there in the XVII century.