An exciting Autumn

Autumn is the second spring of the year for Seville. It is a time where you will be able to enjoy the ideal temperature while visiting the impressive monumental heritage of the city, as well as discovering the legacy of Columbus. Discover film scenarios or taste extraordinary tapas. These are very exciting things which are without a doubt worth doing on the 12th of October, on the National day of Spain. 

It's so nice to travel to Seville!

"Dulces días, dulces ratos los que en Sevilla se gozan" (Sweet days, Sweet times what are enjoyed in Seville). These words written by the famous writer Miguel de Cervantes will be used by you while enjoying your time sitting at the Guadalquivir river or in Plaza del Salvador, where happiness is lively shared with local people. This city transmits energy, joy, and the desire to have fun

When it comes to the temperature on these dates we are talking about an average 26 ° C maximum and 14 ° C minimum. Can anyone improve an October like that?

The city of Seville is designed for you. Everything is at your fingertips and easy to be enjoyed. A humane and sustainable city that loves to receive travelers and provide the best experience you can imagine for a tourist destination. Seville´s open character is noted in the hospitality of its people, and also in its history and heritage, a result of the splendor of different civilizations

Real Alcázar, Sevilla
La Giralda. Sevilla
The moment of Seville

Recently, Seville has obtained another demonstration of Gratitude from the thousands of visitors who discover the city each year.The prestigious publication 'Travel & Leisure' places Seville as the best city in Spain to visit according to the opinions of travelers from all over the world. You must feel Seville's power of attraction in your skin. 

October is one of the best months of the year to visit Seville.

Puente de Triana y Torre Sevilla
Many things to do in Seville

The October 12th's national day is an excellent reason to discover the link between Seville and America and the traces of Christopher Columbus in the city, the legacy of his travels in the Archivo de Indias, the Alcazar Audiences Room and the monuments dedicated to him. Did you know that the tomb of Columbus is in the Cathedral of Seville? Here we suggest a route of Seville by Columbus

As for the cultural activities Seville has to offer, a great opportunity is to visit the Caixaforum and the Navigation Pavilion. Get to know the new surroundings of the Torre Sevilla (the tallest tower in Andalusia), with its brand new commercial space and the Park Magallanes, in homage to his first circumnavigation of the Earth, which set off in Seville. 

The year of Murillo is also here for you to enjoy. Exhibitions, routes, plays, and other activities fill the city with culture on the 400th anniversary of the birth of its universal painter. 

Plans for Seville in October


To keep in mind...
  1. The Biblioteca Colombina de Sevilla hides an enigmatic wonder: The Book of Prophecy of Christopher Columbus.
  1. Meet the Cathedral of Seville in a different way by paying a visit to its decks. Book this great experience!

  2. The renovated Aquarium of Seville is one of the most surprising spaces for children and families.

  3. Seville inaugurates a new museum these days: Casa Fabiola- Colección Bellver, the main Sevillian style gallery.