Towards a smart city

Seville is committed to its status as a reference city within the European smart-city network. For this reason, the city has launched multiple initiatives in different fields, which include, of course, tourism.

Saving time over time

The Vuela Sevilla project is a reality that you can see for yourself when you come to the city. Its development is made possible by the placement of digital information points at bus stops throughout the city.
Through intelligent signs with QR codes and NFC codes, you can get all the necessary information to get around Seville and enjoy it spectacularly. You will easily recognize these devices: point your cell phone at the butterfly of colors you will find at the bus stops!

Vuela Sevilla APP
'Vuela Sevilla' Functions

Vuela Sevilla provides access to the following functions:
Information and Tele-translation
What to see
Itineraries and audio-guides
Vive Sevilla
Around me

Seville is continuously working to be a Smart Destination, implementing integrated solutions that provide information on the city.

Infotur touch screens
The Infotur screens

Another of these communication channels you can enjoy in Seville are the Infotur touch screens.


These touch screens provide a very intuitive presentation of Seville’s tourist information, even letting your mobile devices save the information after the consultation.


Infotur is at your disposal at various public service points, private tourist establishments and various points of entrance to the city, located in outdoor locations with the maximum influx of tourists, interpretation centres or city museums, as well as private tourist establishments that want to have a tourist information office.

To keep in mind...
  1. The BUS functionality of Vuela Sevilla tells you when the buses will arrive.
  2. A hundred monuments have QR codes so you can see more information about the place on your mobile.
  3. The multinational Samsung has created a successful model with the Infotur project in Seville.