Eating snails in Seville

Have you ever tried snails? We are going to give you some tips to enjoy one of the most genuine gastronomic traditions of Seville. Eating snails is linked to people’s lifestyle and goes beyond gastronomy. 

A gastronomic adventure

You may have never eaten snails or it may seem not exactly mouth-watering for you at first sight, but the ones who dare to try them in Seville for the first time become fascinated by their taste and spicy aroma. You should blend this gastronomic experience with a cold beer while you enjoy the atmosphere of the typical quarters of Seville. Everything is part of this gastronomic adventure. By the way, if you order snails in any bar of the city, you should also ask for a glass of stock from the cooked snails because it is the perfect combo to live the spring in Seville in all its glory.

These small snails are served during the months of May and June in a large number of bars in Seville. Many of these bars are specialized in the preparation of snails and wait the whole year to live their great moment.

If you decide to try this gastronomic speciality, you will have to look for boards that are normally placed in the entrance of bars for people to easily know where snails are served. They have written ‘Hay caracoles’ on it or have painted a snail with chalk.


Snails. Seville
Quarter of Triana, Seville
These snails are a bit spicy

Cooking snails is an art and in Seville we master this kind of art. First of all, snails are washed several times and then they are boiled together with a cloth bag of species. The result of this combination is a delicious stock that has a fantastic taste and an addictive flavour. 

When the evening falls and the last rays of sun blend with the light from street lamps, the terraces of many bars get brightened by a gastronomic speciality: snails.

Bowl of snails. Seville
Eating snails, an extended spring custom in Seville

La Chicotá. This bar whose name is related to the celebration Holy Week in Seville, is located in calle Luis Montoto, near San Benito Church and very close to what remains of the ancient aqueduct of Caños de Carmona. Their snails are worth a stop.

Bodega Camacho. Located in Plaza del Pumarejo at the core of the quarter of La Macarena in Bodega Camacho you can enjoy eating delicious snails.

Bar San Julián. In the meeting point of the square of San Julián you will find a church, on one side, and the Bar San Julián, on the other. In this bar snails are cooked excellently but not in huge amounts.

Casa Remesal. Triana offers a wide variety of bars where you can eat snails. The Bar Remesal located in the the precious calle Pureza is undoubtedly one of the best ones to taste them.


To keep in mind...
  1. This is just to make you have your mouth watering, but there are many good bars where you can eat snails in Seville. You have a long list of options.
  2. Snails can be cooked in different ways, there are spicy snails, as the ones in the bar El Cateto or with a hint of peppermint, as in Bodega Umbrete.
  3. Eating snails is an authentic and delicious way of enjoying the atmosphere of the quarters of Seville.