The air of seduction...

One of Seville’s attractions that isn’t often faithfully reflected in the travel guides: the lifestyle. And yet, it is impossible to visit Seville and miss out on that special vital pulse.

Shared fun tastes better

In Seville, the streets and plazas are places that breathe wellness, a kind of outdoor comfort that make them an extension of the home. This is because the public spaces in Seville are used for meeting and gathering places: Sevillians, tourists and you will all feel a sense of togetherness, a vital celebration of life.

There is a certain collective euphoria that is fed by the beauty, the light and that smile everyone has on their faces!

Seville lifestyle
The contemporary forum

Happiness is shared in spaces such as the Plaza del Salvador. All ages, all types mingle in common spaces like this: Seville is full of these modern forums – where the city is truly lived. Other meeting points you will want to discover include the Plaza del Altozano in Triana, the Plaza de Pescadería, La Alfalfa, La Alameda, the Plaza de San Lorenzo…

Seville is a city open to the world.

Plaza de España
You’ll never be bored...

And you don’t need official holidays to enjoy a festive day: the city will make you feel like you’re celebrating!
We can be so busy with work, studying or our day-to-day affairs, but Seville will make sure you have a good time.
We love that the people who visit us have fun. Every Sevillian seems to be a master of ceremonies... sincerely, a natural talent that has a lot to do with hospitality.
You can never feel lost in Seville.

To keep in mind...
  1. Our street hours can last until very, very late.
  2. Rounds of drinks bought by friends must be returned, without end.
  3. In the large crowds, there is an exquisite calm: it’s just a bustle.
  4. Humor is our preferred way of looking at life.
  5. We have a keen sense of aesthetics: we apply it to everything we do.