A night for dreaming

The centre of Seville, with all its corners and plazas that seem to be filled with magic, will infuse your fun night with a very special charm.

A labyrinth with doors to fun

The capricious network of streets in the historic centre of Seville gives the night a certain air of unreality.  Suppose you have wandered through these streets by day and arrive at night to have a drink.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, there appears a door to a bar that is just opening...
You might as, “But where was this bar?”, “Where did that nightclub come from?”  Yes, the biggest historical centre in Spain is also full of amazing corners for your leisure and fun. 

Bewitched in Santa Cruz

There are tablaos in Seville where you can enjoy flamenco in all its splendour.  But this vital code is embedded in Seville’s nocturnal DNA, so you can enjoy the party with a Flamenco soul in the secret spaces of Santa Cruz.

The Sevillian night is a good time to be filled with the soul of flamenco.

Stories to live and share

Looking for sophisticated happenings?  In the Plaza Nueva area, there are elegant options with good atmospheres starting in the afternoon.

There are also different spaces where you can enjoy incredible views of the city, both day and night.  Many hotel terraces have been adapted to this perfect combination of leisure and historic skyline.

And more alternative styles? In Alfalfa, we also have a multitude of small cocktail bars where you can enjoy all sorts of options: from flamenco to electronic music. The area is filled with a multitude of students from around the world who feel like enjoying the Sevillian night.

To keep in mind...
  1. Seville’s historic centre is the largest in Spain and the third largest in Europe.
  2. If you get lost in its streets, don’t worry, just ask: we love to help.
  3. At night, the centre of Seville has a very special dreamlike atmosphere. Enjoy it! And pinch yourself if necessary!