Seville, a love destination


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Seville is a city to fall in love with. Scenery of love myths and legends such as Carmen and Don Juan. Seville can melt the most cold heart with its unique spots, music and culture.  Here we give you some clues on how to discover Seville's most romantic side.

The city of Bécquer 

Seville is the birthplace of some of the greatest writers of Spanish literature, one of them is the post-romanticist poet Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. If you visit Maria Luisa Park, you will run into La Glorieta de Bécquer, a beautiful group of sculptures that represent the 3 stages of love : “Wishful love”,  “Possessed Love” and  “Lost Love”.
Tells the story that Bécquer's famous verse “The dark swallows will return their nest upon your balcony to hang...” was dedicated to a young woman that live at Casa Bucarelli, a beautiful house located at Barrio San Lorenzo, not very far from the poet's childhood home.

The Tile on Church of San Pedro 

The Church of San Pedro is located About 328 feet from Las Setas of Seville, normally, you can encounter with lots of people looking for something on the church's front façade. What are they looking at ? Well, they are trying to find a little bird hidden one of the tiles. According to an urban legend, whoever can't find the bird, will never get married. 
San Pedro

Plaza de España

Everything about Plaza España is special and magnificent. Its unique architecture, the lighting on the wall, its beautiful tile artwork... So why don't you enjoy a boat ride around the majestic 1689,6 ft long canals along your love one. It is the perfect spot to get that “I DO”... so take a chance.
Plaza de España

Baths of Lady María de Padilla

The Alcázar of Seville is a palace with a rich history and full with stories. One of this World Heritage’s  most enigmatic places is the Baths of Lady María de Padilla. Rainwater tanks beneath the Patio del Crucero. According to legend, in this place is where King Peter I mistress, Lady María de Padilla, used to bathe.
Baños de Doña María de Padilla

The Guadalquivir river

There is no better place to watch the sunset than ashore the Guadalquivir River, the way how the water turns golden it is just amazing, and romantic boat ride is the best way to end a perfect day with that person you love the most.