How to discover Seville's old jewish quarter


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Barrio de Santa Cruz is one of the most renowed quarters in Seville, located in one of the most touristy and genuine zones of the city. Its colourful and vibrant streets are a real invitation to take a walk among ancient walls, jazmin essence and beautiful hidden patios.

A good way to understand the history that its walls enclose is visiting the Centro de Interpretación de la Judería de Sevilla, a place that will help us  to put the beuty that surrounds us in the right context.  But you can also check this brochure out before stepping into the streets of the old jewish country. 

Abraham Sefarad y el Colegio Virgen de Nuestra Esperanza en el CIJS (14122012)

The jewish quarter was a very busy place, the city was the most prosper and populated one in the kingdom. Seville become the intelectual capital of the kingdom during the visigotic era and reached a high level of  wealth

Sevilla Sefardí

Seville is one of the main destinations for gastronomy in the whole world, and tastying sephardic food can be a very different experience. These beliefs, and precepts from the Bible and the Talmud, gave rise to the dietary requirements observed by the Jewish people. The word KOSHER which is applied to foods which are permitted under Jewish laws, actually means “appropriate for consumption, clean”.

Another way to discover the jewish legacy in Seville is visiting the Google proyect for the Spanish Jewish City Network.

Sevilla Sefardí

If you are still not convinced, click here to see the photo album that we prepared for you on Flickr and start planning your trip to Seville!