Cristopher Columbus in Seville


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When Christopher Columbus arrived to Seville, this was the richest and most outstanding city in the kingdom of Spain, both in population as for having the most important port in Spain.
At that time, Seville was a maritime city where the navigators even founded a very prestigious brotherhood. Triana was a large suburb where many sailors were arriving, as famous Rodrigo de Triana, the one who first caught sight of the New World. Moreover, the current district of Arenal (on the opposite bank) was a place plenty of sediment where many boats were built and nets were woven.

Sevilla 1ºa Vuelta al Mundo

traces of Cristopher Columbus in Seville 

Columbus wanted to settle in Seville to learn the art of navigation. In fact, he made a living designing maps while he was in the city.
In Seville, he prepared his voyages to Indies and enjoyed a great admiration. His deeds amazed all the population, being also recognized by the authorities.

Viregen de los Mareantes Sevilla

Between 1502 and 1503, Columbus prepared his last voyage. Maybe, he suspected that his ending was near, so he asked to be buried into Santa María de las Cuevas Monastery

In 1899, Columbus mortal remains came to Cathedral of Seville, (after been saved in Santo Domingo island), and they are still here in Seville.

Seville is, without any doubt, the place that keeps more souvenirs of Columbus: his ashes and those from his son Hernando Colon too, his study books, and his manuscripts (the so called Book of Prophecies)

Mapa Cristóbal Colón


Agradecimientos: Santiago Montoto, autor del libro 'Biografía de Sevilla'