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Seville has always captivated the United States, and vice versa. Many examples of this historical relationship with the North American country can be found in our city. Here we will highlight 5 must-see places:


1. The 1929 United States Pavilion.

Seville celebrated a huge Ibero-American Exposition in 1929. This exhibition left us with an extraordinary legacy of emblematic buildings and pavilions from the participating countries. One of these is the United States Pavilion, designed by the Californian architect William Templeton Johnson.


2. Archive of the Indies.

This building –a World Heritage Site– stores documents of great historical value related to Spain’s presence in the United States as well as the origin of a good number of North American cities.


3. Muelle de Nueva York.

It was from here that passengers crossing the Atlantic to New York set off at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, this centrally located wharf on the Guadalquivir River is a wonderful leisure area that is perfect for summer nights.


4. Washington Irving’s House.

On the narrow street ‘Calle del Agua’ in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz we can find the house where the U.S. romantic author Washington Irving resided during his stay in Seville. Here there is a plaque that pays tribute to him.


5. Kansas City Avenue and its statue.

An American Indian warrior on horseback scans the horizon from Kansas City Avenue. Both the statue and the avenue are dedicated to the North American city of Kansas City, Seville’s sister city which is home to an interesting replica of the Giralda bell tower.