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Calle Resolana, 41

This tower was part of a lead factory where pellets and other casting material were produced.

Did you know that this tower, built in 1940, is almost half the height of the Giralda? Its 45 meters high make it one of the highest points of the city.

Especially curious is the way the pellets, after which this building was named, were made. First of all they had to melt the lead, operation that was made at the superior part of the Tower. Then put into a sieve that, according to their diameter, were classified by size. Then, the air and the gravity did the rest of the work. The pellets would cool down and fall into a pool to be solidified with the water. 

These pellets lived then incredible adventures, just like you are doing with this exciting tour.   

If the history of the Tower has surprised you, come in and discover something that will puzzle you: the dark chamber.