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Plaza de San Lorenzo

Our main character Don Juan Ramírez Bustamante, was born around 1550 in a noble but poor family. An adventurer like us learnt how to command ships to the New World. Thanks to this he travelled and conquered several unknown archipelagos. By the age of forty he had been married five times and it's said that he had fifty children.

At the age of sixty he was tired of sailing and fighting pirates so he started to teach sailors, like him, that wanted to visit unknown worlds. He started to teach Math and Astronomy in the University of Sailors. When he retired he started to study Biblical texts, he liked them so much he started to study to be a priest and he was ordained at the age of 99! With a youngster's excitement he asked the archbishop of Seville for a destination but the Archbishop thought he was too old to work. 

Don Juan Ramírez turned to the king Felipe 4th with such an extent curriculum the king had to force the Archbishop to give him a destination. Don Juan asked for the Church of San Lorenzo, famous for its difficult cases. The Archbishop accepted thinking that the church's humidity and the air would finish him.

He was wrong. Don Juan Ramírez Bustamante worked in the church for 22 years, with his lifelong goals accomplished and the happiness of helping others.

After listening this story about this man that lived so many years, I'm sure you can complete this famous saying that says ...

"He's older than _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. "

Since we're talking about adventurers that travelled around the world, we have to tell you that a few years earlier, in 1519 Magallanes and Elcano departed from Seville to TRAVEL AROUND "THE WORLD FOR THE FIRST TIME", the greatest feat in the history of seafaring.

They came back three years later. Seville has so many stories to tell...