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Plaza del Altozano s/n

This castle from Arab-origin was, since 1485 to 1785, seat of the Spanish Inquisition. According to historians, Fernando II handed it over by order of San Jorge. 

Among the archeological remains of that era, what's left is the Inquisitors' House, 26 cells and the chapel. It has recently been restored as "place for reflection", it's located under the Plaza de Abastos of Triana and it has five rooms and spaces destined for exhibitions to show the procedure the Spanish Inquisition used to judge during the XV and XVIII century. If you go in you'll discover Marcela's story.

In the buildings' facade, towards the river, they have virtually rebuilt the outer limits of what used to be the Castles' main tower. When you finish the Inquisition alley you'll see Nuestra Señora de la O's promenade.