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Calle Siete Revueltas

Siete Revueltas may seem as another street of the historic centre of the magnificent city of Seville, but nothing could be as far from the truth. Once you start to deepen in the street the curious name starts to make more and more sense. The name comes from the seven turns we will find after passing through the eight corners within the street.

Look!, in less than two hundred meters we will go through seven turns (Siete Revueltas). Pay attention to the capital of the corners. How many animals can you see represented in this capital? You're going to find many animals sculptured in stone throughout the city.

There are many samples of petrified wildlife awaiting us in the old centre of Seville. In the front part of the building where we can find this capital, we can also see a mythological being, whose legend says that it was killed by an Archangel. You can discover the name of this Archangel and of the other two in the following game. Can you solve it?